The COVID-19 Project

Get involved, along with others from around the globe,
And help us produce a movie about the pandemic.

This is not an easy time for anyone but we're all in this together. In an effort to connect and tell all the diverse stories of how people are coping and helping each other get thru this isolation, we're asking you (and everyone you know) to tell us your story.

Shoot a 1-minute video of yourself telling us what you are doing differently to stay connected to others during this time of self-isolation. Or explain your difficulties and pain created because of the isolation.

Explain what and who you miss and why. Then shoot a video of yourself and everyone you are sheltering with. And show us where you live. Shoot some very short video of your village, town or city.

We'll edit all the videos together and produce a feature-length documentary movie.

The RulesPlease follow these simple guidelines:

  • Your video must be in the proper format. We will only allow video files to be uploaded that are in Quicktime, .mp4, or .mov format. If you shoot your video on an iPhone or Android phone, then it will be the proper format.

  • Shoot horizontal only.
    We cannot use any video that is shot in vertical format.

  • Total length of each of your videos must not be longer than 60 seconds. Two videos = 120 seconds.

  • (It's best if you edit your video before you upload it and delete unneeded portions.) But do not add any enhancements. No filters please! Otherwise, it will make it difficult for us to edit all the videos into a cohesive look and feel.

  • Finally, you'll add your email address on the form. Each email address can only be used one time. If you upload videos for a friend, they'll need to use their own email address. If you need to upload another two videos to complete your story you'll need to use a different email address. Or you can contact us for assistance via the button on the right side of the page. (And your email is safe with us. We will never sell or give away any of our users' email addresses.)

Include this in your video:
  • DAY number of self-isolation. Look at a calendar and calculate how many days you've been sheltered / isolated and say it like this: "DAY Fifteen ... DAY Twenty ..." etc..

  • Your first and last name.

  • Your location: City, State (if applicable), Country.

  • Your usual occupation or daily routine that occupies your time (waiter, doctor, retired, student, parent, grandparent, etc.)

  • Video #1. 60 seconds in length only:
    The above details, plus answer one, two or all of these questions:
    Is this isolation difficult or easy for you and those with you?

    What or who do you miss most about your normal routine?

    What have you done to make this strange time better for other people? ... people you know or for strangers.

    How do you think you will emerge from the isolation?

    Has this has been an extreme hardship for you?

    Do you know someone in your local community who has helped you or others? (Send them this website.)

  • Have you contracted the virus, or know someone who has?

    Be honest and explain your situation, good or bad.

  • Video #2. 60 seconds in length only:
    Shoot video of yourself and everyone you are sheltering with.

    This can be a formal or informal group shot or completely candid (just be sure that everyone in your video has given you permission to publish the video online and in our documentary movie).

    And shoot some very short video of your neighborhood, village, town or city.

OK. Tell us about your experience.
Then upload your videos.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
We'll respond promptly.
Click the 'Contact Us' button.

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Yes, you can upload your videos in English or in a language other than English.

Thank you for getting involved. Now what?

World Wide Community

Please go to our Facebook page where you can leave your comment about your participation -- "I just loaded my videos on the website!" And connect with others around the globe who have also submitted their story and uploaded videos. Also, if you gave us your proper email address, we'll contact you when we have updates with new content on the website and details about the documentary movie.

If the link to our Facebook page didn't work, you can copy and paste the URL here: (

Question? Comments? Suggestions?

If you have them, we're all ears and open to whatever you have for us. Click the 'Contact Us' button.